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CENTRSVET performs professional lighting calculations.

Lighting calculations guarantee that light levels will meet illumination standards and regulatory documents (Russian Code, European Standard EN 12464-1:2011) and allows to avoid mistakes related to excessive or insufficient lighting.


1. Send us a detail design, arrangement and specifications.
2. We estimate the complexity and timeframe and issue an invoice for services.
3. Make the payment.
4. We perform lighting calculations within 5 working days.

We use Dialux for lighting calculations.

Unlike other companies that entrust managers with lighting calculations, we delegate lighting calculations to a qualified department that involves highly trained and experienced lighting technicians with Master's degrees in theoretical and applied lighting technology.

We work only with CENTRSVET products, the lighting parameters of which we tested in our in-house laboratory, thus guaranteeing no errors or inaccuracies of results.

To order lighting calculations, please leave the following details to your manager or send it to the contacts below:

- layout of the space in .dwg/.pdf format;
- ceiling plan with arrangement of luminaires;
- specification or a list of selected CENTRSVET luminaires.


Sergei Korobov
Chief lighting technician
Whatsapp: +7 9231197059

Service fee:

• 400 rub. / m²
Execution time: up to 5 working days.

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