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CENTRSVET is a guest at the country house of Russia’s best product designer Dima Loginoff. Dima has been putting his journey of designing his country house and garden on Instagram, and his posts are very popular with his followers. There are many exotic plants in the designer’s garden: sakura, magnolias, and even Chinese bamboo. Dima created the landscape design himself, but he prefers to leave technical questions to professionals.

This spring Dima came to CENTRSVET to find landscape and façade lighting solutions. The aim was to select faint and aesthetical luminaires that would highlight the beauty of a blooming garden and the architecture of the house.

“This is my sanctuary, an escape from city life, I can find my balance here. I needed a comfortable and interesting place to come to. The condition I set for myself was to have everything new. I wanted to create everything, even the garden, although I am not a professional in this domain. 3 years ago, I knew nothing about garden design, but I figured it out and continue to learn.”

“Plants play the key role: trees, everything that grows here. The design of a luminaire itself is irrelevant, the less details we see the better for the garden. CENTRSVET’s main advantage is that you have tiny spotlights, which is a huge competitive strength compared to other companies. It is important for me that they are unnoticeable, cool and high-quality, and you are the only company that has 2W exterior luminaires – exactly what I need.”

“One of the kinds of landscape luminaires are thrusted into soil with spikes, they are height-adjustable and convenient to use for illumination of bushes and flowers. This feature is very handy: you can point light where required at a right height to highlight whatever you want. I remember the day we installed all of CENTRSVET lighting clearly, it was a WOW-effect! I don’t know how this house existed without illumination, it used to have so little light. Now I am used to the house, and I watch my guests’ reaction. They are shocked that you can create such beautiful lighting at the house and garden with minimum appliances.”

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