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Design District

Centrsvet showroom at Design District DAA design center
•  two showrooms  •  light chamber  •  1.000 m²  •   private parking   

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In the center of the showroom there is a dark room, where you can turn different luminaries on to show their specific features. It allows to showcase our smooth dimming technologies from 100% to 1%, DTW-dimming, as well as demonstrate how directional, reflected and diffused light differ from each other to architects and designers.

Light chamber: clear demonstration of functionalities and technologies


3, Krasnogvardeyskaya Square, Design District DAA
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Mon-Sun: 09:00-19:00


Александр Жуков
Управляющий шоу-румом
+7 (906) 240-20-50

Дарья Евсейчик
Специалист по освещению
+7 (906) 240-20-60

Анастасия Осипова
Специалист по освещению
7 (960) 260-47-40

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